Owner/Fabricator - Clear Fabrications Inc.

Est. 2002

Since our founding we have built a tremendous reputation in acrylic aquatic systems around the Pacific Northwest as well as delivering tanks all over the U.S. as well as Canada, Mexico, and Austraila.


We specialize in acrylic tanks, steel stands, filters, furniture & consulting

Our Story...


In early 1992 Jason Gregory our founder, secured himself an algae scrubber job at a local Saltwater Store in order to learn about the aquatic animals. He would look at the wet/dry filters and thought "For that kind money, I could build that!" And so he did.


After some experimenting, he found himself building many high quality filters through the mid 1990's. Along with that, he helped a good friend open his very own Saltwater Store, during which he built an array of filters and equipment that are even now still in operation.


As Jason's passion for all parts of aquarium construction and equipment grew, it caught the attention of an Acrylic Tank Manufacturer in 1997, eager to aquire his talents. For nearly 4 years he collaborated with the manufacturer and refined the techniques and proprietary tools that would lead him to develop his own reputation for excellence. It was apparent as his passion was hard to contain within an organisation that lacked his attention to detail and high level craftsmanship that he desired.


By late 2002 starting out with a few tools, his skills and high hopes, he went "All In!". He put it all on the line including his life savings in order to further his craft and thus founded Clear Fabrications Inc. For over a decade he has delivered world class design and craftsmanship to hundreds of his loyal private customers, Aquarium shops, Aquarium maintenance companies and Reef Aquarists. Many return to him because of his eye for detail, expert installation & unmatched service.


Clear Fabrications is also a renound figure on many aquatic online forums. Most notably Reef Frontiers where he is an active member, offering his vast insight to the aquatic enthusiast and professional communitity.